Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spoilers for Detective Comics # 1

Spoilers for Detective Comics # 1 written by Tony Daniels with art by Ryan Winn.

The book opens with the Joker murdering some random guy with Batman saving a child from a burning building. Batman broods further and broods some more until we get re-acquainted with Alfred who was setting up holograms for the Batcave.

Batman and Joker go for another round of confrontation inside a train where Bats finally subdues his mortal enemy. The Joker goes to Arkham Asylum and when everything goes dark, we finally find out what the guy has in mind.

He's in cahoots with a guy named "Dollmaker" who proceeds to peel Joker's old face off.


The mysterious lady in a hood is seen here in this panel.

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