Sunday, April 10, 2011

Superman/ Batman Annual # 5 Spoilers

Focusing on Superman/Batman Annual # 5 by writer James Robinson and pencils by Miguel Sepulveda.

Blue Lantern Saint Walker and Starman Team up..

One of the more interesting team-ups in this new iteration of the Justice League, Saint Walker and Starman try to break into the Watchtower to no avail.

Hank Henshaw Returns

The Cyborg Superman returns to the scene after he was last seen in the pages of Tony Bedard's GREEN LANTERN CORPS and he seems really pissed off at Doomsday.


Talk about some really bad company. Dick Grayson has gotten his hands full taking down Doomsday with the help of some nasty characters including Dark Supergirl and Cyborg Superman.

Cyborg Superman Kills Doomsday...

In a fit of rage, Henshaw seemingly kills Doomsday. Only to find to his horror that the creature is slowly reforming, making way for a more powerful version....

Doomsday Reborn as Cyborg Doomsday

Kara and Henshaw Abducted

In the end, Doomsday manages to beat and abduct both Kara and Henshaw bringing them to the remains of New Krypton.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fear Itself # 1 Spoilers

Spoilers for Fear Itself # 1

Sin goes all out empowered thanks to the hammer that her father found during the 1940s. And now shes calling herself Skadi and taking down dragons at the bottom of the ocean.

Thor gets beaten by Odin TWICE!

A father and son spectacle like no other.Thor gets beaten by All-Father Odin who's gotten more paranoid since he returned from the dead. He feels the return of Skadi and subsequently the return of the real Asgardian All-Father known as the Serpent.

Thor gets soundly beaten during the first half of Fear Itself # 1 when asked whether he sides with men or with the gods. Thor answers "Men" by the way...

Thor gets a second beating at the hands of his father after protesting the out-of-the-blue announcement that the Asgardians should leave Midgard and return to Asgard immediately. Odin also shows off by taking away Thor's mjolnir advantage.

Meet the Serpent

Sin finds the Serpent All-father waiting for her underneath the waves and calmly introduces himself as the "All-father". Rumor has it that the guy was supposed to be the real All-Father of Asgard until Odin took the role away from him and banished him under the ocean during pre-historic Earth times.

The Six Hammers of the Worthy

By the end of Fear Itself # 1 the six additional hammers of the Worthy have finally landed on Earth. Writer Matt Fraction has stated in several interviews that the second issue of Fear Itself will prominently reveal the identity of the Worthy crew (including Hulk, Juggernaut, Thing, and The Grey Gargoyle).

Old Gods Leave

And like the arrogant bastard that he is, Odin retreats to their plane of existence with a chained and weakened Thor in their midst. Leaving the Avengers and the rest of the world to deal with the problem he may or may not have started.

And oh look. the rainbow bridge of Asgard is back as well.

What to expect for Fear Itself # 2

Blitzkrieg USA

And we have to wait for another month to see what exactly happens next....